How to cancel an AF run if guide star gets lost

I just want to make sure this sounds right: when PHD2 loses the guide star during an AF run, I should abort the AF BEFORE stopping PHD2, correct? I’ve been doing it the other way round, and I find that SGP gets stuck waiting for the guider to settle, even when PHD2 is stopped. (I think that’s because of the built-in five minute wait for guide star recovery, though I’m not sure.) When this happens, SGP allows me to abort the AF run, but the AF dialog stays open, apparently waiting for the guider to settle. Maybe SGP could be adjusted to close the AF dialog whether the guide star has settled or not?


Kevin – are you using an OAG? If so, why not disable guiding during AF (via the options in SGP)? I was thinking losing the guide star should be a rare occurrence.

Well, this sounds like a bug and not something you should have to
consider. I will try to reproduce, but if you have logs it might make it
easier to find.

I’ll post them, Ken. Bhwolf, I have a standard SCT, so mirror shift can mess up AF calculations, as the mirror might - or might not! - still be shifting while the AF exposure is being taken. If I let the autoguider settle, I know the mirror has stopped shifting.