How to change ASI1600 driver to ASCOM

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I searched the forums and couldn’t find an answer to what I thought would be a basic question.

Recently, I’ve begun receiving an error message when connecting my ASI1600 in SGP. A popup states “This driver is no longer supported. Please use the ASCOM driver for ASI cameras.”

I went to the ZWO/ASI website and downloaded their ASCOM driver, but I don’t know how to change the current native driver to ASCOM. I tried deleting all the camera drivers and deleted/reinstalled ASCOM but every time I install the ASI1600 it keeps associating with the native driver.

I contacted ZWO and the answer I got was that as long as it continues to work, don’t bother changing it. Then the responses suggests I contact SGP, so here I am.

I WILL keep the native driver until it’s no longer supported by SGP (which I don’t know if it will or won’t) but would surely like to know how to change the ASI driver for future use.


Have you installed the ASCOM platform?
If so, and you have installed the ZWO ASCOM camera driver (as well as the native drivers, you still need those), the camera chooser in SGP will show “ASI Camera (1)” and “ASI Camera (2)”. Those are the ZWO ASCOM cameras. Just choose one.

Thank you for the quick and helpful reply.

That appears to be the one step I hadn’t been aware I needed to do…I had “ZWO Camera” selected from when I first set it up a couple of years ago and didn’t think I needed to change anything there. But I now see the ASI(1) and ASI(2) choices. A quick check indicates that ASI(2) is the one I would select to use the ASCOM -associated camera profile.

Does that imply that I can now switch between the native driver (ASI-1) to use Gain/Offset as I’m accustomed to, and the ASCOM driver (ASI-2) as required/desired?

Thanks again!

No. Both ASI (1) and ASI (2) are ASCOM. The ZWO ASCOM driver allows you to connect more than one camera at a time.

It might be possible to configure ASI (1) with one set of gain/offset setting and ASI (2) with a different set of gain/offset settings, and then just choose which one you want to use.

But IMHO that’s ponderous. Just settle on one offset and use two different gains for LRGB and NB. Configure the gain per event in SGP. Set it once and forget it.

Ah, OK. Now I get it…thanks again for your patience and help.