How to command dome shutter to open?

Down loaded yesterday and played around with the simulators a few hours. Did not see many events other than camera events and pre/post actions. I would like to open my dome shutter to facilitate cool down about 2 hours before twilight. Is there an event to do this? Do I need to write a script? I was hoping to avoid script writing.

Manually, just like this…

We don’t currently support automation that will allow you to open the dome shutter 2 hours prior to sequence start.

Ok. I will check back in a few months and maybe you will have more observatory functions for us remote users. Your camera, focuser, and telescope functions look great along with the nice sequencer. Will I have trouble getting another 45 day trial on the same control computer say in August? BTW, your program is really nice with lots of features. I wrote software and designed and built hardware for remote observatories back from 1992-2005. I sure wish I had plate solving back then. Jerry

You will not, for users in your situation we can extend trials.

It would be really nice to have automatic open/close capability for the shutter/dome. It could be done in the control panel with times for open/close. I have to control the dome external to SGP to accomplish it.


Just set the appropriate options in the Slaving Settings for the observatory:


Hi Jared,

I don’t see any way to schedule it. What I want to do is to start an imaging sequence early in the morning. I want to open the dome/shutter just before the sequence starts. I see that SGP can close the dome ok following the sequence, but how can I schedule the dome to open just prior?

If I could unpark in the sequence, that would work but the unpark happens only when I manually connect to the mount so I can’t schedule it. What am I missing?


I think we talked about this before with my ROR. I’m not sure what became of it.

I just open my roof when I log in to start the sequence. Works ok :blush:

I’ve tried with the simulators and if you have the dome set as Jared describes it can work.

Set the first target to start at the time you want to start.
Have the scope and dome connected, with the shutter closed and the scope parked.
When you start the sequence you are informed that the mount is parked and asked if you want to unpark it at the start of the sequence, you respond yes.

The system sits doing nothing until the target start time is reached when it unparks the mount. This opens the shutter and slaves the dome. The mount slews and centres and the sequence starts.

A delay could be arranged by the first target doing almost nothing, maybe acquire a frame so the target isn’t skipped, then the work done in a second target.


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Hi Chris,

OK! That should work. I’ll give it a try.

Thanks much,

I tried it; it works. In fact, it works with just one target. I must have had some settings wrong before because it would open when I connected to the dome. Chalk it up to cockpit error. Plus I’ve been having trouble with my dome shutter to complicate matters.

Anyway, thank you Chris, Jared and mads100 for the help. I am a newbie to SGP having used Maxim the last couple of years. I like SGP a lot for acquisition. I’m in the trial period but will most likely shell out the latinum shortly for SGP.


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I am now ready to test SG Pro. Could you provide a way to access the full version.

Thanks, Jerry Gunn


Just download it. It starts the trial automatically.

I downloaded and ran the program a couple times earlier this year, so the
trial has expired.


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I believe there is a button that lets you ask for a new trial.

In the help menu. We will grant them under special circumstances.

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