How to connect STX + Remote Guide Head with PHD2

This is probably something simple, but I can’t figure out how to use SGPro (which I know fairly well) with PHD 2 for guiding.

I have a STX camera with the Remote Guide Head. (i) I have no problems using PHD2 on its own using the Remote Guide Head on its own. (ii) I have no problems using SGPro using the STX camera main imaging CCD on its own.

How though do I use them together? If I run each program I can only assign the camera and Remote Guide Head USB to one application. As both the main imaging CCD in the STX camera and the Remote Guide Head are accessed through the same USB how does this all work?

Do I have to start PHD up before I start up SGPro? Do I run SGPro and it will run PHD2? (Which I do have selected in the Guide tab) I can’t find any documentation or references to this combination.

I am currently running PHD 2.4.1e and SGPro


You need to download the SGP API Guider from our download area. Then in PHD connect to the SGP API Guider. You’ll need to have SGP up and running first AND connected to your camera. Also in the SBIG driver settings in SGP you’ll need to make sure that you have the correct guide cam selected (External in your case).

The SBIG driver only allows a single application to connect to the camera. Even though there are 2 sensors present the SBIG driver still considers this 1 “camera” so only a single application can connect to it. By using the SGP API Guider all calls get routed through SGP for the guide camera. Which is why SGP needs to be up and running first.

The ReadMe that comes with the SGP API Guider also details this.

Hope that helps,