IC1396 in Ha, WIP towards HST image

Hi everyone

Just a quick process to test the data in the barmy mid-summer astro ‘lightness’. What’s new for me is that I’ve just had a ascom roof controller installed (courtesy of Hitec Astro) and for the first time was able to watch a fully-automated run including roof opening/closing with park/unpark - fun to watch. Next time - or maybe after another night’s testing to build confidence - I’ll slink off to bed with the knowledge that all will be well in the obsy.

Took a little bit of testing to get all working together - I was puzzled at first and then read in the help files that SGP has to unpark (& not eqmod which I use). One or two instances of error messages, ‘object not set to an instance’ or something or other, remembering to click ‘slave to mount’ in the control panel etc, but I think I got it all sorted in the end.

Link to Astrobin: http://astrob.in/190175/0/

Good stuff Ken & Jared, many thanks.



Excellent work Barry.