Ieq45 - Mount parked or not tracking

I’m getting a “Mount parked or not tracking” error between each frame with an ieq45-gtn mount. Any ideas what might be causing this? My mount is certainly tracking (and guiding!).

Anyone ever seen this before? My searches have come up blank!

Not sure where you are searching but there has been a lot about this on this forum.

AIUI SGP is getting messages from the mount saying that it is parked or not tracking. It doesn’t matter what the mount is actually doing, it is the messages that SGP is getting that matter. This looks like a driver problem.

What might be happening is that the mount has been parked, possibly by SGP sending a park command, and the driver has remembered that it is parked. This state is intended to persist through a power cycle. Then the mount has been restarted without being formally unparked. So the driver thinks it is still parked.

The simplest solution for the user is to send an unpark command to the mount, this can be done through SGP I believe.

I have been getting this with my SmartEQ Pro, it’s new to me and I suspected the driver but next time out I’ll try to explicitly unpark it and see if that helps. I will also create a simple VB script to poll the mount outside of SGP to see what that thinks.

Please remember that the odds of us being able to help you increase significantly with logs.