I'm having a time getting a sequence to run

I’ve been working to get a sequence to run on m82 for 4 nights and 3 were in a row, My buddy gave me a list of things to do prior and still get the box telling me that an event has to be running. I surely can’t get a sequence to run, not even an event. What’s it telling me ? I can get my plate solve on Dubhe and on m82 but, no sequence and my buddy is ill and we won’t be able to help until he’s feeling better. I set the sequence start and end times over and over and still nothing, I started a sequence and it counted down but, no captures running HELP?

We will need much more information. Please see this thread on how to ask for help.

Sorry Joel, I’m new to this and not computer literate. My buddy told me it was a quick fix . I’ve been trying to get sgp to run a sequence for 3 nights in a row. I just went through another 2 nights of freezing and though I can plate solve and frame & focus , I’m not getting it to run a sequence . It’ll count down and make a folder but , no sequence is running . I’m missing something and pinning it down has become a real chore . Sgp neglected the auto meridian flip and ran into my mount twice , I’ve got that to figure out too.