Images inconsistent between 3.1 and 3.2


I took some data with v3.1.0.452, the lights were ~350ADU median.
The next day I upgraded to v3.2.0.600 and took darks with the same settings (gain, exposure, CMOS temp…), but now the median ADU is ~880.
I would expect the dark to be darker than the lights…
I checked my fits header, and the parameters are the same. I don’t see the offset in there, and it’s not in SGP log either.
I used a ASI1600MM with the ASI ASCOM driver, so the offset should be automatically set by the driver (unlike the ZWO driver in which the offset can be selected).

One way to check would be the take darks with different version of SGP to try to replicate the issue. My gear is all stored now, so I can’t do it. I’m hoping that’s something that can be fixed in post, like substracting an offset.


Dark image:
Log: sg_logfile_20200921203127.log - Google Drive

Light image: - Google Drive
Log: sg_logfile_20200920074346.log - Google Drive


SGPro 3.2 does not contain any functional changes, but more importantly, the parameters your are describing are controlled by your camera’s ASCOM driver and not SGPro. Have you updated the camera driver recently? SGPro never touches data as it moves from the CCD to the file.

I did update the camera and ASCOM drivers as I moved to v3.2 (SGP was having issues controlling the camera temperature so I updated every software in the chain of command), so it looks like we are narrowing down to the camera driver.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Even thought the issue is not with SGP, I found some details that can help people with the same issue:

This release adds an offset, now to figure out what that is… 2020.5.19
Add Offset
Update camera SDK

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