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I don’t have any log file from the sessions I’m talking about, or i don’t find them. They just disappear automatically? some sort of clean up ¿?

low noise mode is being used on the tests I have done. And not only me, my colleagues as well, one of them using the ASI1600 with downloads between frames of around 20 seconds in SGP (+5-10 for dithering and guiding settling) and 5-10 seconds in other software. I don’t understand at all the difference between using the ASCOM driver and the native one. But what I’m sure if that’s the problem how you can guys implement it?

The problem as I see it is that SGP looks like it has a blank time between frames like it’s doing nothing at all , I repeat I’m not here to blame anyone or anything maybe that’s me who is doing something wrong and my configuration has something wrong, but doesn’t add up that in all my tests with different devices the time for downloading frames was much longer than with other software. That’s clear as water

I have no means to do tests at my house so I asked my friends to do videos showing the differences I’m taking about, I will post them as soon as possible

Maybe I’m nuts but after all these years shooting twenty minute images it never occurred to me to be upset with how long it took to download.

I did shoot a string of three hundred shots at 20 seconds each last month for the first time and did not notice it taking that long. I just walked away and came back later and it was done.

Same thing with shooting a 100 bias shots.

With all the working parts we deal with on every imaging session, if download speed is my only problem then I’m having a stellar night!

You might own an observatory or a backyard, I don’t, and if I’m planning for example to take hdr of for example Orion nebula it’s just very unpleasant to see it takes more time to download than taking 30 seconds exposures, I usually don’t care about downloading times because I take 600 seconds exposures mostly, when I started doing AP it took like ages to do anything, I just think sgp is great but can improve that! That’s all

There is not. Native support for all cameras mean that SGPro stops getting better at doing what it’s supposed to be doing because we will then spend all of our time ensuring SGPro remains compatible with gear.

Ok Ken, understood, and thanks for your answer

I agree that adding native support for all cameras isn’t a good thing, it would be doing the manufacturers work for them instead of them spending the time in actually supporting their products for real (SX, FLI SBIG)
What i however hope you can do is make a change so a new exposure is started as soon as the last is downloaded, finding stars and saving the file could happen after a new exposure has started.

ASI1600 with that long time to save a frame is probably because of a slow computer making the finding stars and saving the file take a lot more time than it should.
Maybe you could get ahold of one of thier log files?

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For these case, we have added a version of find stars that is MUCH faster, but less effective (especially for scopes with a central obstruction). This method applies only to “Image History” and not auto focus. You can find it at the bottom of Tools->Options.

It would be better to just move this process thou, i can’t see any reason why that can’t be done?

My laptop is a msi gaming laptop, it totally annihilate any required specs sgp may require and I did tests on my laptop, problem is not mine, as Ken said it’s the not support for the native drivers, that’s all I needed to know. You just have to type on Google “downloading times sgp” and you will find hundreds of people complaining about the same exact thing, I normally stuck with a software I get comfortable with but I just can’t be willing to spend more time waiting for frames to download than taking frames it self when I do short exposures

Thanks for the help

I don’t know why you are seeing such long download times, but I have the ASI1600mm-C and a 6 year old Lenovo laptop and a ~3m USB cable and it takes no more than a few seconds to download and display an image. I would estimate it’s less than 3 sec. I can take 20 <1 sec flats in about a minute. I see the same speeds using either the native ZWO driver or the ASCOM driver. So, it seems to me that the problem is not with SGP but rather with how you have your gear connected or a setting in SGP.

However, the only way I could get reliable and fast downloads when I bought the ASI1600 several years ago was to have the camera directly connected to its own port on the laptop and with its own USB cable. If I ran it through a USB hub with other equipment, I would get frequent download issues. Also, I use a download speed of between 45-60.


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Don’t worry Larry, thanks for your help really! the only person who really tried to help me out here is Xplode and it’s not even staff member, staff members were like “we are right you are wrong and u even might be a liar” attitude instead to giving me help so I’m not using SGP anymore form now on and I will advice everyone around to do so. i make up my mind totally.


@hectorbdn We were all trying to help you and no one called you a liar. We were trying to understand your particular setup and situation. There are lots of people using the same camera without having long download times like you report. I’m not calling you a liar, just that many others don’t have this issue so there must be something else going on. You didn’t give much info at all and when asked for a log file showing the issue you didn’t give one.

I’m genuinely sorry this one issue is driving you away from SGP and that your experience has not been great. BTW, I am not a staff person, just a forum moderator.

That’s just wrong. You had a chip on your shoulder from the very 1st post. If you don’t like an aspect of the software there are plenty of graceful way of pointing that out.

Everyone here is devoted to helping one another and sharing their thoughts. I have never seen the staff members treat anyone with anything but respect. Frankly I was amazed at their patience with you.

I’m pretty sure that anyone watching this post was chuckling about the inordinate amount of time you were whining about something as trivial as download speeds.

I hope that you find what your looking for and that those few extra minutes you were losing in your yard are recaptured.

There are a ton of real world problems out there to worry about other than crying about download speeds. Give me a break.

Instructions can be found here:

you can tell me why my log files are empty?

Im not following you. What are you asking?

Obviously, this thread has run its course. Everyone seems to be talking past each other and/or there is a problem with translation between different languages.

In any event, I will not tolerate foul language or slander so this thread is closed. Please, be respectful.