INDI support

Hi, is there any news about SGPro being able to connect to an INDI server?

I’ve been involved with ASCOM a lot and have been getting involved with INDI more recently.
The way to do this would be some sort of INDI to ASCOM bridge, where an application connects to an INDI server and exposes the various devices connected to it as ASCOM drivers.

People have done it the other way, ASCOM driver to INDI application but not this way. It it was easy then I expect that it would have been done long ago.

There are several things that make it tricky:

  • INDI has the concept of drivers snooping on one another, for example a dome driver will snoop on the telescope and implement done synchronising. The scope and dome may even be integrated with a weather monitor that manages shut down.
  • INDI uses events and ASCOM does not.

There may be others, I’ve not looked at this and what you always find is that the more you look at a problem the more complex it turns out to be.

I don’t think that any of this is insuperable but I do think there is a fair amount of work involved in this.

If it were done in SGP then, partly because SGP has been built using ASCOM, the same problems will need to be resolved.

For the avoidance of doubt I have no intention of doing this.

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