Initialising using Sitech II and SGP

Hi I have just bought a MESU and Sitech II controller and trying to work out how to initialise it so it knows where it is at the beginning of an observing session.

With my Losmandy G11,and Gemini II, I just start the gemini controller with the scope at counterweight down then perform a goto and platesolve which syncs the mount. The Gemini controller requires that the mount starts in CWD so this all worked.

With Sitech there does not seem to be the concept of CWD. Also even if I did set the MESU at cwd, I don’t think platesolving at the pole is helpful from what I remember reading posts here previously.

Any thoughts on how I initialise things using mesu/sitech/ SGP would be welcomed.

Many thanks

I have found a solution which seems to be easier to implement than the one I used previously with a different mount

Power up and use hand control to point to the approximate area of a known star; load the star in SiTech and sync.

Subsequent platesolves will accurately sync.