Installation of local Astrometry .net with endpoint setting

I just have installed the local software, for tree times, according the advices of In the 14 point it sets: "Configure SGP to use the local solver. In the Other Plate Solve Options window, copy and paste the following value into the endpoint setting:"
But there’ snt “other” option in the equipment profile manager, and the software only works online, but not in local. The log window

OK Guys! The “control panel” is <> of “equipment profile manager”, and in the former there is an option for “other” in the “plate solver” tab. I’m Sorry

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You got it. This setting is in the control panel under the plate solve tab, not in the equipment profile. Once you set it in the control panel it stays for all your future sequences and equipment.


I just updated the instructions making it more explicit how to open the control panel. Hopefully it will be a bit easier for the next person …