Installing beta 283 wiped out Notification info



Thanks for the report. This is fixed in the beta I will release today. Unfortunately, SGPro got into a state where it was not saving this information correctly so beta users that rely on notifications will need to reconfigure. You should still be able to salvage most of the values and use them in a cut and paste to complete reconfiguration.


  • Open the Windows File Explorer and navigate to: C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\Sequence Generator Pro
  • Find all files in this directory of type SGD
  • Rename these files (F2) to something else… like type “Bad” or “Old” or something at the end
  • To salvage old values for Email, open SGPro and go to “Configure Notifications”, click the Email endpoint to configure, click “Settings”.
  • Go back to the file explorer and open your OLD email settings file in a text editor like Notepad. Depending on what you renamed it as, it will look something like: 1-emailEndpointAddresses.sgdOld
  • You should be able to pretty clearly see the old values and be able to copy and paste the values into the form in SGPro.


I re-entered my email notification information in 283 right after I noticed it has been deleted. I then tested and it was successful.

I just downloaded and installed 289 and it also wiped out the email notification info just as 283 had done. I re-entered it and tested 289 and it was successful.


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