Interesting Weather Station Project on Kickstarter


This project picked up my attention. This might be the solution that I’ve been looking for a long time, a not expensive weather station with all sky camera!

I hope this project gets past design and testing phase!



Nice, thanks for posting it. Any possibility of ASCOM support? :smiley:

I sent them a message asking if they’d be willing to output a ‘one line format’ text message with a link to the Boltwood 2 manual… if they do, I’m totally going to buy one. It does everything I’d want in a weather station.

Sounds like it would be possible:

Will BloomSky open up access to API?

Yes. We will be conducting our very first beta-test in August 2014 in San Francisco. Meanwhile, our engineering team is currently testing system compatibility with smart home integration (eg, smartthings, nest, homekits, etc). Open API will be available after the beta-test towards the end of the year.

I gave up on them. No response after a week and I’d pledged to support. They also don’t have a cloud sensor. The other bummer is that the camera shuts off at night and they’ve made it clear it won’t turn on at night at all.

Ah, that’s too bad about the camera. I’m guessing it probably isn’t sensitive enough for our needs anyways.


I was hopefully someone could edit the API, but after reading their comments… no dice. They made it out that the camera just wasn’t capable.

Still, if you like sharing your daily weather on WU, it’s not a bad tool. Just not for us :frowning: