iOptron ZEQ25

I have now for a long time used SPG with my EQ6 mount and it works just perfectly.
I’m going to buy another new mount and has thought of a Iptron Zeq25, because it is more portable.
Is there anyone who can confirm, that this mont will work with SGP. I think especially of PHD2 Dither commands and meridian flip.
best regards

I used SGP with my iOptron iEQ45 for a year. Works beautifully. I have now upgraded to a Losmandy Titan for a permanent installation. I used the iEQ45 mostly at about 6 different dark sites and it is very portable. I’m selling it since I don’t need it any longer.

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I believe the “Z” mounts use a different ASCOM driver. I believe @cmassa was working with iOptron to get the ASCOM driver and firmware working for his (I believe) ZEQ60. Maybe he’ll chime in here.


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Sorry, haven’t been around in a while.

I was working with iOptron on the CEM60 ASCOM commander which only works with the CEM60 and IEQ Pro mounts. I don’t know anything about the other mounts.