I't must be something simple

I must be missing something simple that I’m missing.
It’s a Nikon d750 connected to a WIN 8.1 laptop. The connection is made with the 2 ft cable provided with the camera. Camera dial on manual. Camera autofocus switch set to manual. Trial version of SGP.
Software will connect to the camera, but when I take an image, no noise from the camera and a popup appears stating that the program is not responding. The same message appears whether the memory card is in or removed.
Any ideas?

Ray J

Please see this post so we can better assist you:


I went thru the help file yet again and could not find anything I missed. In the lower left corner of the screen It says its downloading. The popup begins with SequenceGenerator has stopped working. Ends with close the program. The only clue I have is that I don’t hear the mirror pop up when taking any image. SGP will not connect till the camera is turned on, so I know SGP finds it. Could it be an incorrect camera setting? Nothing else is connected to the laptop.

Thank you for reading through the Help file. What we are most after at this point are all the items in the second bullet in the link above. Log file, sgf, etc.

Has anyone been able to get SGP and the Nikon D750 to play well together? I’m using the latest trial version of SGP. My system consists of a Win8.1 laptop, a D750 (with and without a lens, with and without memory card, with and without autofocus, auto or manual on the dial) and the cable that came with the camera between the laptop and the D750.
The SGP setup is as simple as possible. Set write directory, choose camera and connect, (it connects) change exposure time, run the sequence. Then I have to close the program. Can’t get liveview to work either. Am I doing something wrong? Should I go back to sequencing software that I know works with this setup? Log file in the previous post.


Ray J

Our Nikon support is fairly new and there are going to be some bumps in the road (given the number of Nikon cameras we are trying to support and the fact that we can’t possibly own all of them).

In your shoes, I would move to the software you know works best for you.

Make sure auto focus us is off or don’t use a Nikkor lens. Remove the SD card from the camera. Not sure what else to try besides Ken’s recommendation.


Thanks guys,
Jared, I tried your suggestions, even prior to my first post to this forum. My thoughts were that I was missing a simple setting somewhere, and eventually my thoughts went to “perhaps it is just not ready for (my) D750 quite yet”.
Ken, My trial version of a different package just expired so now is a good time to make a comparison. I believe SGP offers more features, but I need it to get along with my devices.

So, if anyone finds a solution, please post it.