JNow Clarification

I want to clarify the new JNow feature in the SGP beta. As I understand it, even with a JNow mount, SGP is J2000 internally. So I gather that means when I enter the RA/ DEC for an object in SGP I should be using J2000 coordinates and SGP will translate that to JNow for slewing if it is a JNow mount. Is that correct? In that case, should I also have the plate solver set to JNow? Or, should it be J2000 since that is what SGP is using?

On the other hand, if I have a J2000 mount, might it be appropriate to enter JNOW coordinates in SGP for better slewing accuracy? If so, should the plate solver be set to JNow?

Plate solvers should return J2000 to SGPro. This is because we will tell your mount to go there and convert that to JNow (if required). If your plate solver is returning JNow, we will assume it is J2000 and convert it (again).