Just can't do the Meridian Flip!

Good evening all… I need some good ideas as to why I can not get a Meridian Flip working.
I have been using SGPro for several months now and love it to bits. But I can not master the Meridan Flip.
I have absolutely no other issues with the software other than this. Its brilliant!

I have a Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro (which is awesome) and I am not running EQMOD (would rather not unless I have to)
I am gathering SGPro should make the magic happen without it.

I have tried the handset settings on “No Flip”, “Auto Flip” and have set up the settings in SGPro such that it should work.

When I connect SGP to the mount the standard ASCOM drivers suggest the mount will not allow flipping before 0 which I guess is fine.
When the time comes, and it should flip… and yes I have upgraded to latest

  • the sequence to flip starts,
  • it goes through the download image process,
  • and when it comes to slewing… the sequence acts as though it slewed, gives it a big green tick but the mount does not move.
  • It re-centers as though it slewed
    and continues on until it hits the mount which stops the sequence.

Occasionally it “Fails to Meridan Slip” as an error and as its about 2am when it did it I have nothing to go on other than it just looks like it failed to slew.

I would really appreciate any guidance someone could give me as its the only thing mucking me around at present and I cant seem to solve it. Many thanks


We would need logs to effectively troubleshoot (details below). In the meantime, you can take a look through our EQMOD FAQ and make sure you are set up properly on that side:


What are you using to control the mount if not EQMOD? I’m not aware of any other ASCOM drivers for Skywatcher EQ-mounts.

Hmm. Now that I checked the ASCOM website, there is some “SkyWatcher SynScan Mount Controller” ASCOM driver, which I’ve never seen before.

Hi Naavis - yes ASCOM driver as you have found and straight to SGPro.
Have had no other issues with the driver for planetary (Sharpcap) or Stellarium or other DSO (Nebulocity)
Works great, just meridian flip on SGPro eludes me

Log… will work out how to do that and send through.
Ken you sent through a link on EQMOD connection… I am not using that unless the only way to flip is running it. (but I doubt this will be the case)

I have been through the forum questions and have been through the help file for setup… its been an issue for a month now so I have not just lobbed a quick question in without trying to solve initially. Any suggestions in the mean time would be appreciated.