Larger target list

Working with a lot of targets at the same time being able to see just 5 of them is a little annoying, would it be possible to add a larger target list?
A couple suggestions to fix this would be adding a dropdown window option or add an option to move it to the left


This would be great. I use quite a long target list and this is frustrating to work (plan night session) in such small window.

It’s a little bit bigger in the Beta, but i’d still like it to be improved.

Here’s how i would love for it too look

Maybe… For most, I suspect this would be wasted space… We’ll think about ways to make it more flexible though.

How about making it possible to choose between 2 different window sizes?

This request meshes nicely with a feature request I made several years ago for adding a “Target Settings List/Editor”. This by default would be able to support an unlimited target list and would not require messing with the current dialog.

This was a feature the Ken said he liked and would add to the 2.5X list, but it never showed up.

I say a lot of things that are completely untrue. Maybe even this very statement.