Linking to Telescope Timing

As you may recall, I am using a Paramount ME and TheSkyControlled Telescope. The Paramount has a “home” position built into the hardware that it must go to each time it is started (it points to a spot in the SW sky). This only needs to be done once on each startup and only is lost when the mount is powered down (in other words parking or even disconnecting from it will not make another homing necessary). To slew to this home position from park takes about 30 seconds to a minute (depending on where you have set park). Once it completes homing it immediately starts sidereal rate tracking. You can set up the mount to automatically home on connection or to trigger home manually from TheSky. I have the former set.

When you connect to the telescope in SGP, it begins the slew to the home position but errors out before the mount has time to get to the home position. You can manually home the mount first (from TheSky) and it will not error out so I assume SGP or the hub just cannot handle this delay in getting to sidereal rate for some reason.

On the one hand, not a big deal as one can manually connect and home from TheSky first, but figured this should be something that you are aware of. OTOH, the more things one has to do manually, the less utility there is in an automation program, of course.

If you can post a log where the connection has timed out we can take a look.


Log (just the scope, nothing else connected):


Error Message:

FYI, the error happened during the slew to homed position about 10 seconds before the homing completed. Once it completed, I was able to connect just fine.