Linux Support

I just downloaded to try with the simulatrors to see what this was all about. Very impressed.

Is their any plans for supporting native Linux? Using perhaps INDI? Would you be interested in a developer to help?

We have no plans to port to linux or OSX. Maybe if the open source/multi platform .net announcement that was made comes to fruition we will reconsider.

ASCOM makes things too easy for Windows. That’s the main draw for developers of astrophotography applications to stay on Windows. We’re able to execute so quickly because we don’t have to write native support for everything in our application which allows us to focus on features rather than one off devices. Since you’re a developer I’m sure you can appreciate how nice interfaces and contracts make extensibility. Unfortunately this is lacking in OSX and Linux, at least from an astrophotography device standard.


Got it. That is exactly what INDI is for the Linux/OSX and even the Windows crowd. But, yes, hardware manufacturer’s don’t write INDI drivers themselves. The open source community does.