Load Profile Options

I assume (based on my limited experience) when you save a sequence you make with a profile, that profile is saved alongside the sequence? Is this correct?
if so, if you have to make any adjustments to the equipment profiles (focus steps, filter offsets, ISO setting etc.) these changes would have to be made to every one of your saved profiles by opening them making the changes then re-saving them.
As I have quite a long list of saved sequences made with the mosaic/framing wizard this can be along winded exercise.
Ideally, when loading a saved sequence would it be possible for the profile to be checked against the current one and the option to use the one saved with the sequence or load the latest version?.
this way you’d only need to make the changes once.

I don’t think that happens automatically if that is what you mean. You need to go to “Save sequence as profile” and select the profile you want to overwrite (or make a new one).

I agree with @DaveB that the association between saved sequence profiles and the current loaded sequence is confusing. It took me a long time (comparatively) to realize that there is not necessarily any correlation between a loaded sequence and any of the stored sequence profiles. Apparently they are only useful when you create a brand new sequence using one of them as the template. That’s fine, and useful, but seems like under utilization of a great feature. Stored Sequence profiles should be able to be applied to any 1 or any group of sequences very easily. Seems to me, a stored sequence profile should reflect the current, operational configuration. Why not display the name of and allow each sequence to be permanently tied to a stored sequence profile? Or not, as the user wishes. Then all sequences tied to stored profile X would immediately load all of X’s parameters when the sequence was opened.
There is already a drop list showing User Profile. I still haven’t figured out that that is for. Does not seem to have any effect when I make a different choice.

User profile will insert the Lat and Lon of your site and your name into the .fits header.

Thanks. I’m sure I could have found that out myself if I were to check the manual.

This model is pretty common and should not be that confusing. It is essentially the same as using a Microsoft Word template to create a document. When you save your document, you have no expectation that it modifies the template from which it came. The same is true for SGPro profiles (templates). They have no hard connection to any sequence derived from them. Further, I think it would be a disservice to create this relationship. Many folks, including me, need to make small temporary corrections to sequences that are based on profiles in order to accommodate environment or other temporary conditions. Having this reflect in my profile would be irritating I think.

If you make change that you want to be part of your profile, we have created a “Save Sequence As Profile” option (in the File menu).

That sounds like a duplicate of my request here. Maybe you could like my request so it gets looked at by K&J?


Fair comment Ken. Twas just a thought mainly as I’ve stupidly made my sequences before I had the profiles fully sorted (still need to sort filter offsets etc)…I’ll blame the mosaic/framing wizard for being too addictive :slight_smile:

In MS Word it would be unlikely that you would want to apply a profile to multiple documents. In SGP, this could be very useful. As DaveB said, he has lots of sequences that need to use the same profile settings. No easy way to do this.
I recently had a perfect example where this would be wonderful. I have lots of sequences that referred to a Nikon camera and a 90 mm refractor. I no longer use that Nikon camera and I traded the 90 mm in for a 102 mm. All those sequences need to be changed to be useful. I have abandoned them.
I am not suggesting that sequences always be tied to a profile. I am just saying it would be quite useful as an option. As you correctly say you might need to make a small change to one and not change the profile, you could just turn off the link to the profile. If a profile is referenced, you know you have your standard correct settings for every thing. If not referenced, it is a custom sequence. Now, all sequences are custom. There is no easy way to know that all your settings are correct in any sequence. I always look through all my settings before running any sequence to make sure something has not been changed from my standard settings.
Essentially, the current design encourages me to have only one sequence for each hardware configuration. Too hard to keep track of multiple sequences for the same configuration.
This should satisfy everyone’s issues.
Sequences are not linked to any profiles.
A new drop list lists available profiles. If it is empty then it is a custom sequence. Selecting a profile copies that profile’s settings to the sequence. Making any further change to the sequence blanks the profile name from the drop list.
With this change you can instantly see if your sequence has all your standard configuration settings, and which one it matches. And you can instantly update any old sequence to a new profile.

You can do this now. Maybe I am not understanding your need. Before your revised suggestion it sounded like you wanted to do this in bulk.

If there is already a way to do this I cant seem to find it so perhaps im missing something.
Here’s my example.
I have a sequence (sequence 1) made with the framing/mosaic wizard with my APM profile.
When its saved it saves with the profile plus the reference image (as I ask it to).
I have another sequence (sequence 2) again made with the framing and mosaic wizard (but different target) and the same APM profile.
Now if I wanted to adjust the profile how would I do that and apply it to both sequences without having to re-run the framing and mosaic wizard for both sequences??
If I open sequence 1 and make the adjustments and then “save sequence as new profile” I can see that any NEW sequences made with that profile will have the adjustments included but how would I apply the changes to any existing saved sequences (sequence 2 etc) ??
Only way I can find at present is to open each one individually, make the changes to the profile then re-save the sequence…its doable of course but a bit of a pain if you have lots of saved sequences so if there IS a way to do this could you point me in the right direction.

Therefore my thought was that as the profiles are (I assume) stored separately then when you saved a sequence it would just save a “tag” to that profile rather than save the whole profile so that when the sequence was loaded it would check the tag and load the tagged profile (or give the option to load saved or the current one maybe?).
Still its just a suggestion :smile:

Your reply above says I can do this now (instantly update an old sequence). How?
Yes, I was suggesting a bulk update. But that is much less important to me than the simple ability to be able to update the current sequence with 1 of the stored profiles, and display that profile’s name as confirmation that the current sequence settings exactly match the master stored profile.
This solves a number of problems. Does exactly what DaveB and I are asking for to be able to easily update old out-of-date sequences. Visually confirms settings match your master profile.
Also documents that the settings in the control panel are actually intimately tied to the operation of a sequence. Nothing on the sequence dialog refers to the control panel. When I first started with SGP, it was quite a while before I realized that the control panel even existed and that it was a critical part of controlling SGP sequences. I imaged for at least a dozen nights before discovering it.

You can open a sequence with an “old” profile, then from the File menu, choose “Open Sequence From Profile”. Choose the new profile and be sure the check the “Preserve sequence” option. This will apply the profile over the existing sequence.

Ah OK cool! :slight_smile:
I wasn’t aware of quite how that worked.
Thanks Ken.

Did you mean “New Sequence With Profile”? There is no “Open Sequence From Profile”.

It’s not very intuitive. We will be refactoring this in a 2.4 maintenance release.

Yes, sorry. Posting from memory (which has failed me).

Closing as duplicate / resolved.