Looking for a way to select which QSI camera to connect to

I have access to two QSI cameras now. It is a real pain to get SGP to connect to one or the other.

Here’s how I do it:
open sequence with QSI Camera as camera
click camera settings button
click Open QSI Settings
choose the camera under USB Interface and click OK
click ok to close QSI Settings
click connect to connect the camera

This also means I can no longer use Connect All Equipment (either explicitly from the tools menu, or implicitly by just starting the sequence.)

Is there an easier way to do this?

If not, could SGP be updated to allow me to select the camera and have it be remembered with the sequence and the equipment profile?


Tech note: although the QSI Windows API does not explicitly document how to enumerate the cameras and select one, the sample code on page 85 (under the External Trigger Input section) shows a QSIDeviceCount property (int), QSISerialNumbers (array), and QSISelectedDevice property (string, the serial number) that should be set before setting Connected = true.

Do you always use the same QSI camera in SGPro? Right now, the architecture of SGPro does not allow for device specific settings in the equipment profile. All device settings are stored in the global settings area. I can look into it.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for looking into it. The scenario is that I’m putting together a remote imaging setup consisting of two scopes and and two cameras. The short focal length refractor is piggybacked on a longer FL reflector. In any given SGP session I would be imaging with one of the two scope-camera pairs. I will have sequences and equipment profiles for each of the scopes and would only be imaging with one of the cameras at a time.