Lost F&M images again

just downloaded and installed and as per a previous update all my framing and mosaic images have disappeared. I have 30+ target sequences and id really , really rather not have to re-do them all again as ive done this once before on an update.

I know the sequences still work but its really handy having the originally framed image to reference.
Is there anyway I can recover them… pleeease?


Sorry… I honestly have no idea what would cause this. Can you please post an example sequence so I can what is going on?


Will do when I get home later Ken.
A quick question, when you update, should I have uninstalled the previous version 1st?
I didn’t I just installed over the top as it were so could this be the problem?

Hi Ken
Here is link to one of the F&M sequences which have lost the attached reference image

Thanks. This has been resolved and will be out in the next 2.4.3 beta.