M31 Mosaic First image captured with SGPro

Hi all, i’ve had SGPro for a little while now but bad weather and some technical issues with the program have stopped me using it properly. However on Thursday it was clear and apart from a small issue with SGPro and PHD not communicating it all went very well

I decided to image M31 which needs a mosaic for my setup to fit it all in as it’s a target i’ve only imaged once back when i first started this hobby plus it would give me chance to use the mosaic system in SGPro

2 panes 2 hrs each with 10 min exposures, this will be a little project for the coming months with the aim to be spending 20+ hrs on it

80mm Lomo
Atik 460
Astrodon Filters
Skywatcher AZ6

Captured fully with SGPro and processed in Pixinsight


Great Work sofar…waiting for the next sessions… :stuck_out_tongue:
2pan…with my setup its an 9-12 pan mosaic…SW8"PDS &G2-8300


Thank you Werner. I’m hopeful I’ll get another 4-5 sessions on it over winter