Means of importing sets of coordinates as part of a search pattern

Hi all,
Looking through what I can find on importing into SGPro, it is objects, that bring coordinates with them, into SGPro for Starry Nights, or AstroPlanner, or, DSO-Browser.
There might be a listing in these for Eris, Makemake, Haumea, but likely only known asteroids and likely not many if any KBO’s - but - my interest is; if one wanted to have sets of coordinates entered (not objects with coordinates), for opposition for instance, to search for objects how can I do this?
I don’t want to create a list of objects (like galaxies) to center the 36-inch on and go from there, but instead I want to enter sets of coordinates of my choice that I can list that are one chip-TFOV apart from one another and then repeat twice more for three to blink.

Is there something as simple as a text file creator I can use to import these sets of search coordinate into SGPro?

The Framing and Mosaic Wizard is likely a good candidate for this. Specify the RA/Dec of your center and then drag a rectangle to specify the area of interest. You can specify the overlap for images as well.


Thanks Jared.
There are a couple caveats in my system.
Looking at the F&MW, it appears the creation of AOI with overlaps is done on the same computer that will be later connected to the scope.
In my system there is a dedicated computer for the 36" to run all applications, not accessible for the most part, not removed once connected, and not on the internet for security reasons. There is a, second, off-line, computer for use to make the search patterns and is the daytime computer for analysis… There is an adhoc network to tie these two together and the preferred flash-drive as means of transferring information.
Is there a way of off-line (of the main telescope computer) using a second computer to create search areas to send to a flash-drive and import?
Thanks, Steven

you should be able to save sequences on one computer and open them on another, transferring by sneakernet if that’s what you have to do.

Certainly. Create them on the online computer. Save the sequence to the flash drive and open it on the other machine.


OK, I’m a little confused, Jared. Sorry I’m not getting it at the moment…
It is stated that there are only certain ways of importing DSO lists into SGP, but I don’t want DSO’s instead I want to center on RA/Dec coordinates. Are you saying on computer 1 within SGP I can use the Framing and Mosaic Wizard to define my targets #1, #2, and #3 centers and overlap amounts, and save that to a flash drive to open in computer 2 which also has SGP and import then execute the integration time of targets 1 (20-minute integration), 2 (20-minute), and 3 (20-minute), and then go back to target 1 (another 20-minute) then 2 and 3, and repeat that 1 (a third 20-minute), 2, 3 for the third time?
This sequence gives me 1-hour separation between the three target #1’s, #2’s, and #3’s. If the target sets can be created in SGP on pc1 and brought via flash drive into SGP on pc2 , can you confirm the use of F&MW for what I want to do and define the save-as/import process if it is all done within two different instances of SGP on pc1/2?
Thanks, Steven