Merdian flip time error

Hello friends;
I’ve been using SGpro for while but lately I have this issue after the purchase of my latest mount which is EQ6-R pro. I’ve connected the mount with my PC using direct USB connection. The mount is controlled with EQMOD/EQ AScom software. I use SGPro for capturing, platesolving, centering etc… I also install SkyCharts for navigation, slewing/syncining etc. My issue is that there is inconsistency between the time of Meridian flip in the EQMOD software and the SGpro.

as seen in the attached image. I checked everything in the EQMOD/CDC connection and SGpro configuration. I couldn’t find the issue yet. The incosistency is about 12 minutes and it prevents SGpro from doing automatic Meridian flip. Your help is appreciated.

There are some subtleties when using EQMOD with SGP that need to be addressed. They are detailed here: