Meridian Flip and Dome rotation

Hi Folks;

First let me express my huge respect for this piece of art of software; simply ingenious!!!

I have an issue that after meridian flips the target centering; plate solving action; the scope takes pictures of the innerside of the dome.
Is there a way to tell SGPro to wait until dome slewing to scope is finished?

Very best and CS!!!


Ps i already; set the mount settling time to 40sec; but then all the centering action last too long…

Lex has raised a good point here. It would be great if you could add a user defined post meridian flip delay please.

In there was an issue where the dome could be slewed incorrectly when a target or meridian flip was initiated. This may be what you were seeing.

SGP already waits for the dome to complete it’s movement prior to starting the image. So I’m guessing you either saw the issue mentioned above or maybe your dome isn’t reporting when it’s done moving correctly? I would try and if that doesn’t fix the issue post the SGP log as well as the ASCOM log for your dome.


Hi Jared;

Thanks for the reply! I now have the latest version installed, I’ll try it as soon the skies allow me to.
Btw couldn’t you integrate a clear sky function :sob:??

Thanks 'n CS

Very best