Meridian flip and EQMOD

Purchased SGP and got to say what a great program. I finally figured out all the command and got everything working focuser, plate solver with local install and slewing to target but I have been unable to get the auto meridian flip to work with EQMOD. I got the counter to count down to the flip but nothing happened and then the counter starting to count up. My settings in the control panel:
degrees past meridian 0
auto center after meridian +

In EQMOD no meridian limit
allow auto meridian flip option checked

The time in EQMOD and SGP for the meridian are different

Any help would be appreciated


In sgpro I found I had to have it set to 5 deg past meridian - in eqmod toolbox settings allow meridian flips must be ticked and pointing set to physical, also in eqascom if you open up limits there is another allow meridian flip box which should be checked.

Hope that helps you

ill give it a try !