Meridian Flip Error

I am using the DirectMountGuider (for unguided imaging). And get an error when SGP tries to do a meridian flip. From the log file, it looks as if the meridian flip actually works:
10/24/2015 4:27:13 AM] [DEBUG] [Pier Flip Thread] Meridian Flip: Telescope has performed meridian flip).

But then there is the message:
[10/24/2015 4:27:43 AM] [DEBUG] [Pier Flip Thread] Autoguider (Direct Mount Guider) failed to flip calibration data!

And then:
[10/24/2015 4:28:46 AM] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Blocking Pier Flip: Failed to meridian flip, aborting sequence (True)

And then everything gets aborted.

Here is the log file:


This should no longer happen for direct mount guider (… not released.

Thanks Ken!

Any idea when will get released (or we can try an early version?)

Never mind :slight_smile:

And just performed the first flawless meridian flip. yei!!!