Meridian Flip not possible without Platesolving & PHD?


I am currently investigating on how it would look like if I switch to a 10 Micron mount. I would like to live without guiding then. I found out that dithering is not the problem, but the meridian flip will probably be!

Considering I would not use PHD and - due to the fact that the pointing model inside the mount is good enough - not use a plate-solving software, I now get stuck when I want to find out if an automatic pier/meridian flip is possible with SGP.

I found this thread:

But if have a look into the actual documentation of SGP - it still looks like the function is not implemented. Still it tells, a plate solving software & PHD are needed.

Do i miss something? I mean for calculating the degrees away from the meridian, the mount (respectively ASCOM telescope) should deliver all information needed: Sidereal Time & RA & DEC and maybe even pier side!


I have seen reports from this forum that you should be able to do what you are asking. Make sure to uncheck “Auto Centering After Meridian Flip” inside Meridian Flips Options window.

Do a search in this forum about unguided imaging with SGPro, it should work. I think it’s called “Direct Mount Guider” but I am not sure. I did a search and I found this:


Please keep in mind that the direct mount guider will not be compatible with automated meridian flips until 2.4.2 is released.


thanks to both of you!

Ken, could you please confirm what Peter is saying? I mean that a meridian-flip can be done without PHD & Platesolve by simply unchecking “Auto Centering after Meridian Flip”?

So I understand it like: With the current release I can use either the dithering via direct mount guider or the automatic meridian flip. Both together will be avilable with 2.4.2?


Sure, so long as you are using SGPro 2.4.2 or better (and you are confident in your pointing model).

Hi Ken,

you mean “our” or “your” pointing model? Sorry to bother you - but I am close to my decision buying a 10Micron and would definitely like to stay with SGP :smile:


Sorry, I meant “your”. SGPro does not keep pointing models… we just do iterative positioning.

I’m having a GM2000HPS-II delivered on Monday , so I’ll let you know :smile:


Hello Chris

you are a lucky boy :slight_smile: I would highly appreciate your answer on this!


Let me know if anyone needs early access to the 2.4.2 beta for testing.

hello ken, i certainly will need it, i willtest all these feature with my 10micon gm 1000 hps next week.

many thanks

Bonsoir Ken,
I am using V2.4.2.5 and I got the same message when I start a sequence with the “direct mount guider”, that I could not use the meridian flip option with on mount guiding…
Here is a print screen of the error message:


This should be corrected in


I am using at the moment and my meridian flip failed too. Sorry I do not have the error message here - it happened last night and - even though I never activated any Centering functions - right after the failed flip SGP started a Centering routine (staying on the wrong side of the meridian).

The problem here is, that if I would not stayed at the telescope - it would have crashed my gear. I have to say I set the following:

Use Auto Meridian Flip - On
Degrees past to Meridian Flip - 0 (Zero - need to stop and flip exactly at meridian)
Wait for Meridian - On
Rest is off…

Although it was 8min to flip, SGP started another 10min Sub (I set Wait for Meridian!). Then - 2min too late the flip failed and when I triggered manually, immediately a centering routine started. I do not use centering as I want the mount to slew only! I even have the setting to center off!

Btw - later with another sequence where I entered “slew to target” - SGP changed that to “center here”. I do not want that centering at all - how can this happen, can I switch this off somehow? My mount points exactly to 10pixels in my CCD FOV.

Is there any issue SGP being confused with Centering & Slewing?
What can I do to get the Meridian Flip running?


Meridian flips are a fairly complex procedure where lots of things can go wrong. We will not be able to assist without logs showing the failure.

Hi Ken,

I will read the advise and as soon as I am more into the topic - ask for help as needed by you(r team).