Moravian G2-8300 Error msg in 639

when trying to connect my Moravian G2-8300 Camera to version I get an error message - see attachment.

It works fine with version 617 and older.


ASCOM 6.5 SP1 addresses this issue.

Thank you,

Indeed, it does. Thank you.



Does this mean you aren’t planning to make v4.0.0.639 backward compatible with ASCOM 6.4 SP1?


This will be addressed by SGP binding against the 6.5.1 binaries that ASCOM distirubutes and will makes it backwards compatible with all versions of ASCOM. Currently SGP is binding against 6.5 which has this bug. ASCOM is basically in 2 parts. The client software you run on your machine and the interfaces which SGP talks to that client through. SGP uses the 6.5 interfaces which have this bug in them. I’ve updated to the 6.5.1 interfaces but haven’t pushed that build out yet. Once that happens the issue will be fixed for all versions of ASCOM.

If you want to address it now you can update to 6.5.1 as the client software will handle this.