Mosaic setup questions

I’ve been using SGPro for a few weeks now and really like it. Now I’m ready to start testing the mosaic feature but have a couple of questions I hope someone might be able to help answer.

  1. In addition to my normal setup at home I plan to use SGPro on my laptop in the field where I will not have internet access. what’s the best way to plan out a mosaic sequence? Can I pre-plan at home where I have internet access to grab the image and set the panels so when I’m out in the field it’s all ready?
  2. If so how do I ensure the image I want to make the mosaic on will be available out in the field if I don’t have internet access.
  3. Does the mosaic feature require a rotator? Currently I only have a optec focuser but no rotator on my field scope setup.


Yes. The sequence created by the MFW is no different than any other sequence. Just save it (.sgf file) and then move it to your laptop and open it there. It will be all ready to go.

Yes. Image angle is very important for mosaics or the tiles wont match up properly during processing. Because almost nobody owns a mechanical rotator, you just choose “Manual Rotator” from the rotator options and SGPro will use plate solving to guide you to the correct angle (using your hands). Luckily, all tiles need the same angle, so this is an exercise you only need to perform once at the beginning of a sequence.

Thanks Ken for the help. BTW - SGPro is a great piece of software. You and Jared are doing a great job! I love all of the features that’s been added/integrated such as how SGPro works with PH2, and the added feature of Platesolver2. I have never had a failed solve since using PlateSolver2. The meridian flip works great. The only thing I found that I have to be mindful of is the autofocus feature. I have a SCT, so I need to watch to make sure I stay out of the focus area so I don’t get donuts. I found if I keep my step size small it seems to work well. I use a Optec TCF-S focuser and a step size of 50 seems to work well.