Mosaic Wizard Issue

Hello all,
Ive been playing around with the mosaic wizard just to get my head around it and
tried to set up a 4 pane mosaic on B33 the horsehead (this tool is fantastic by the way).

When it loads the 4 targets into the sequencer it names the targets B33-1 to B33-4

Once it’s inserted them, the Settings icons to the right of the target names are pushed
under the vertical scroll bar on the right of the target list window.

Anyone else getting this ?


This issue has sometimes been seen in Windows XP, but hasn’t been seen in some time. Either way, you can access the settings by right clicking the target.

Hi Ken,
Thanks for that, Win 7 64bit this time though.

I’ve just had to format my drive & do a total reinstall of OP system (which has been fully updated via Windows Update), is there any other OP system related stuff which could be crucial for the correct operation of SG’s interface elements ?