Mosaics: Do you image all filters per segment or image all segments per filter?

I’m just wondering what people here do with SGP for their imaging runs of mosaics. Let’s say you create a 10 panel mosaic of a particular target of interest that you intend on imaging in LRGB. Do you create 10 targets and put the four events in (for LRGB) and let it run for all four filters one segment at a time (with auto-focus running between filter changes)? Or do you tell SGP to only image through one filter (one event) for each segment, making copies of the segments to image through the other filters?

The question boils down to what takes longer - slewing from segment to segment, which requires centering through plate solving, or changing filters within each segments, which requires auto-focus. Mind you, it’s also important to consider what filter is best for the area of the night sky being imaged at the time in question (e.g. Red is better used nearer the horizon than Blue, which is better used near the Zenith).

Any ideas? :slight_smile: Thank you!

I’m done both. Either works as long as your object is up long enough to get all the data. Realize your overlap matters alot if you image for months on one subject…

Yeah fair enough. I’m not expecting the auto-focus routine to take too long between filter changes to be fair, as I’m using a Borg 77EDII refractor and Astrodon filters. Therefore, I’ve opted to image my mosaics simply doing all filters in one segment before moving on to the adjacent segment. Seems sensible to me and it’s easier to configure the targets list on SGP as a result.

My last mosaic was 120 hours. I did them by filter just in case the weather was poor is have a chance to finish something. But, my new ones in doing all at once per set since they’re only 2 across.

It’s fun :slight_smile: putting together mosaics is a different ball game.

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