Mosaics without camera rotation

I am struggling with creating mosaics of stacked images.

I don’t have a rotator and trying to avoid manually rotating the image train. I’d like to know if I can predict how my stacked images will match up in a way that will allow me to easily match the panels in a program like ICE to create a mosaic of 2 panels (or more).

This is my equipment frofile:

This is my control panel:

This the SGP mosaic creation:

My next attempt will be to pull up a frame captured last night and orient the wizard image to the same orientation as the the previous image. Next captures on same side of meridian. Approximately same time of night.

I am not clear on how the SGP camera settings “angle” figures into any of this.
Appreciate any guidance offered.

There are a couple of ways to do this. If you always use a Profile (vs the current sequence) to create a mosaic then you’ll need to update the profile with your current angle:

  • Solve and Sync your mount.
  • This will populate the Angle as well as other properties
  • Save this information to your profile (File>>Save Sequence as Profile)

Now when you create the mosaic:

  • Open the Framing and Mosaic Wizard
  • From the “Other Menu” select your profile that you updated with your angle
  • You should see the rotation angle is pre-populated (DO NOT CHANGE THIS!)
  • Draw your rectangle.

Same time of night and same side of meridian doesn’t really matter all that much. Your sky angle will always be “roughly” the same if you don’t move your camera. There are some notable areas where this is not true like near the pole.

As you cannot change rotation you will not be able to make any framing adjustments so you’ll likely be left with “un-ideal” framing for most mosaics as an example:


Thank you Jared. I will be wrapping my brain around this. I’m sure I’ll need to get back to you for some clarification.

First question. Does the centering process qualify as solve and sync?

OK. I get it. Looks like centering does sync. I used your suggested process and it worked perfectly. I’m assuming that if I’m going to do a meridian flip I’ll need a new sequence based on that sync. I’m not sure how the 2 sets will go together for the final mosaic. I will do a test on that.
Thank you for your help Jared.