Mosiac rotation angle issue

Last evening was trying to do a mosiac and all went well setting it up until it came time to solve and start. Used an image from Astrobin for the Aurgina region and kept getting a rotation error. I do not have a rotator on my setup. My camera angle is at 179.82 What can be done to do a mosiac without an electronic rotator?

Mike C

In the target settings window, just uncheck “Rotate Camera”. This means it will no longer check the camera rotation before the sequence starts.

When you used the image from Astrobin, SGP imported the rotation angle of that image, but your camera will inevitably be at a different angle. So SGP is trying to move your camera to the same angle as the Astrobin image. Be aware that your mosaic panels may be off since the angle doesn’t match the reference image.

When it comes to mosaics I can’t imagine trying to do a mosaic without the framing and mosaic wizard. It makes mosaics so easy and you can set the angle to whatever you need and you see exactly what field of view is.

Thanks Joel, this happens when tring to plate solve and center (step 2) if you think this will correct it, I will try it tonight


Yeah it should work. The plate solve is failing because the rotation angle
of the reference image does not match your actual camera angle (I think).

Someone I know, who had same issue, tried this fix (using Starry Night Pro) and got the same error again

I’m not sure what Starry Night Pro has to do with this? If you’re getting a rotation error then unchecking that box as Joel recommends should take care of the rotation issue (as SGP won’t verify the angle). However plate solving can fail for other reasons. If that’s the case or you keep getting some error please upload some logs and we can take a look.

Please see here:


As a final note… in the case where you do not want to disable the target angle because it’s important to you (mosaics or general framing), you can use the SGPro “Manual Rotator”. The manual rotator is pretty cheap… they just require occasional washing and a nail clipper.

More info here:

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