Mount will not sync on platesolve

I have used SGP for 3-4 years, now, and have not run into this problem before.

First, the gear:

Mount: Orion Atlas Pro
Telescope (adapted Nikon Telephoto Lens): Tamron 200-400mm@ 200mm (f/5.6)
Camera: ZWO ASI1600MM Pro

The software:

SGP v. (mount is not running EQMOD, it runs on the Skywatcher drivers for ASCOM)
Platesolve 2
Cartes du Ceil

I have not run any software updates in the past week prior to this issue starting, and the system was running fine prior to two days ago when this glitch started. When I started my night Sunday, I went thru my normal routine. One star alignment, platesolve, then would generally center on target from platesolve. What I noticed was that after the platesolve, I could see clearly I was not on the target, but going back to CdC, the target was still center in the reticle from when i slewed to it. I went back to SGP, and opened the Control Panel/Telescope tab, and ran the platesolve again. It platesolved, gave me the legit coordinated, it’s accuracy rating, and informed that it synced the coordinates to the mount. But if you look at the snippets taken, the coordinates in the telescope control panel tab do not match the platesolved coordinates. this happens consistently, and will not show the new proper location at the end of any platesolve session. I am also getting a “failed to sync” notation (also posted below). There was a similar post (), but I am not seeing any resolution in this post. There should be no issue with the platesolving, as it has been working fine to this point. I could try removing this setup and going back to one of my regular scopes that it was working fine with prior, but to me it would not seem like a setup issue, as it appears to be the actual transferring of the coordinate back to the mount that is the issue. My laptop sees the mount on the COM port fine, everything connects to it fine. I changed the parameters in Equipment Profile Manager to match the lens/camera combination. Just not understanding why all of a sudden it will not send my platesolve results back to my mount.

Disregard the error on the rotator. no rotator was connected. Shouldnt have anything to do with sync issue. Attaching a picture of my equipment load out, you can see no rotator specified, so don’t know why I aam getting a rotator error in there, either.

The error in DEC and RA is about the same in each case. When this occurred did the reported telescope position change at all? Things that come to mind are some kind of translation problem, say EPOCH setting, different long/lat etc or clock.