Mulitple targets and meridian flip

I am working on a mosiac. Last night my first target completed around 11 pm. Meridian was 12:03. When SGP slewed and centered the adjacent panel, it performed a merdian flip and ran my camera into the tripod. Any reason why it tried to perform a flip on the new target?

We can’t really tell anything without the log file. SGP simply uses info provided by the mount so I’d first check your mount settings etc. Was the mount accurately synced to the position in the sky? Did you happen to notice if SGP’s meridian flip countdown timer in the lower right was actively counting down to the correct flip time?

If your mount has limits you should set them so that a pier crash like that never happens, although if your mount is way off on it’s assumed pointing location it could still happen.

It appeared the meridian flip counter was off and had around 1 hour left. Maybe the mount was not synced but on the first target sequence, the initial slew was close. When I went outside to check it out, the object was not at the meridian. Here is the log file. It looks like it assumed target 2 was past the meridian. This is a moot point as I ordered an M Uno which will not require flips :smile: but it won’t arrive for several more weeks.

Log file (sequence for target one ended around 11:13)