Multi target imaging


I’m a new member here and am experimenting with using SGP. I want an image capture application for images of variable stars (eclipsing binaries) that I will perform photometry on.

Am I correct in my understanding that it is possible to configure SGP to repeatedly take a sequence of images of several targets? For example move to target A take a 10sec image, move to target B, take a 30sec image, move to target C and take a 20sec image. and then repeat the sequence a fixed number of times or until I tell it to stop. I would need the image names to include the target name and an image counter.

If SGP can do this would you point me in the correct direction for setting up such a sequence of events.

Thank you

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Yes, you can do that. Create your three targets and then under “Event Order” select “Rotate through events” (Middle right of the sequence window)

I don’t think so. That will only rotate through the events within the target. I believe James is asking to rotate through targets.

I think James is asking for this feature request. James, if that is correct, please add some comments to that feature request, and “like” it so that it gets the attention of Jared and Ken.