Mutli ccd`s in SGP?

Hi guys
Thinking of trying SGP and wondering if it will suit my setup?.
My interest is spectroscopy and I use a ASI camera on my 80mm ED80 guide scope, I then have a spectroscope attached to my Espirit 120mm Apo onto which is attached a Lodestar ccd used to check the FOV showing a 25micron slit through which (when the star is on the slit) light goes to my Atik 314 ccd so at any time there will be three cameras to watch and in addition Cartes du ciel to check where the stars are. Can SGP cope with three cameras with maybe a bit of plate solving too please?

No problem running multiple instances of SGP simultaneously. I routinely collect Lum with one scope and Color with the other running two instances of SGP. The issue for most of us who want multi-camera support is coordinating dithering.

This is a feature request that has been accepted in 2.5:

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