Need help to find out what went wrong, SGP hang and crashed

Hello guys,
this morning I woke up to find out that SGP hang on the meridian flip screen (failed to perform the flip) and it just sit there taking no images. The meridian flip thou were successfully performed hours ago. When pressed Ok the Recovery started up and once again it went to the meridian flip, failed and then crashed.

Now when I’m going through the log file I found that at 03:12 the need for Meridian Flip was checked, and it didn’t required as scope was on the east side. Started to take the image then there was 5 pixels jump on PHD so the SGP restarted the frame, then at 3:23 I can see that Meridian check reported that the telescope on the west side, so it started to perform Meridian Flip. Because the scope is already flipped, he fails and just sit there.

All tries to restart the SGP, reset the Sequence, disconnect and connect mount all failed. It always looped to the Meridian Check , performed, failed and hang.

Only when I disabled the Meridian Flip option in the Mount section, I could use SGP again without it looping.

Can you please check what went wrong?

The log file is here:

Thank you,

Not sure. Your mount suddenly decided to flip its report on the mount side it was on… can’t help much there. You can contact your driver’s author if you’d like. The most important part is that your end of sequence options did run…

Thank you Ken, I’m running EQMOD with my mount, I’ll try to ask Chris about it.