New feature in latest beta - temperature smoothing

Hi - I noticed temperature smoothing in the list of I recently changed over to Lakeside motors on my system and found that, on one of my motors, I had rapid fluctuations on the temperature readout in SGP. I discussed this with Lakeside and found out that there were some instances of manufacturing variations in the temp sensor chips and a few customers had found some sensors to be susceptible to interference.

In my case, the sensor looks like a plastic transistor, soldered onto the motor connector. It takes power via the ribbon cable and I guessed it was picking up some interference. I looked up its datasheet and put a 100nF capacitor across the 5V/0V power line on the D-Type connector and it is now stable as a rock, even with through-the-mount cabling alongside dew heater cables etc. I did this with Lakeside’s blessing and I think it will be a incorporated in future products. I’ll dig out the specific details and post to anyone who is interested.