New Forum Format

Hey guys a quick shout out to say the new forum looks great! Ken, Jared and Joel, thanks a gain for a super useful product.



Ken and crew,

I don’t usually warm to a change in venue like this very readily, but so far I think you have made a wise choice, and most of us should have few problems making the switch from Yahoo Groups.



I agree completely. This is about a thousand times better than Yahoo! Groups.

+4 on the above. This looks really great and is much easier to use. Thanks guys!

Full agreement - great move. I have been trying the forum out this morning and find it great - not only have you got all the bits & pieces promised but also the email still comes through for every post - which is one thing that works great for me. Even the spell check, as I write this, works a treat :smile:

I guess I am the forum curmudgeon. It still is too “flashy” for my taste, but at age 83 most everything is too flashy for my taste. But since I love SGP, I will make a mighty effort to love the forum presentation as well.