New QHYCFW3 filter wheel will not connect

I have a brand new QHYCFW3-M filter wheel and I downloaded to latest drivers from QHY including the ASCOM driver. I have it hooked up to my test system. Its connect by a USB2 cable directly to the computer and I have the other port supplying 12V DC power to the wheel. When I plug in the USB cable, the wheel responds and homes to the filter one. In SGP, the QHY filter wheel driver shows up and I can configure the number of filters and the type of filters. BUt when I try and connect to the wheel, I get the following error message “Error connecting the the QHY filter wheel!” and that’s it. I dont know what else to do here.

Did you switch the little toggle button from ST4 to USB? It’s just a pinhole that you have to stick a paper clip in and depress the button.

GREAT!!! That worked. The QHY Software manual is terrible.


cfo - you don’t get off that easy !

I was caught out too - so I read the manual… It is there.

Just to note too that the power draw from the wheel is quite high. It was too much for the regulated 12V output from the back of my Paramount.