Newbie Question

Hello! Just bought SGP, just registrated, just happy! :slight_smile: But in the cause of my bad english I like to ask for some, if I understood this correctly!?

In the “License Management” the bottom row show the licensed and used machines.(in my case one machine and 2 License rest). In a bad case of failing harddisk or whole machine I be able to delate the machine with the red button. So far, so good.
But now: When I must delate a machine, growing the license than back to 3,(or even one more in “Remainig Lisences”? Or is the Lisence loosed, and I must use a new one?? That would be the licenses consume quickly (as a last resort; normaly the machines work a few years…)

I am using older desktop machines in my (wooden) observatory, and as you may image, they did’nt have a long life, you know!?
Thanks a lot, and clear sky to all!
Wilfried Wacker

You need to go to the website and login, and you can then manage your licenses. You can delete a computer from the list which will free up a license.