I finally got a sequence togethernand ran one image before the sequence abported. I think because I lost the guide star. Anyway the 300 sec. image of M104 seemed to have no more detail than the 20 sec. Frame and Focus image taken at the start of the session.

Hi @smithn01

Sorry your having problems. If you are able to provide the log file for that run, we can take a look.

Added log.txt.


Your sequence is aborting because PHD2 is not able to settle below your defined tolerance of 0.5px. You will either need to understand why or increase the settling tolerance on the auto guider tab.

Also, not related to your question, but a couple tips on AF:

  • Use 9 steps until you are familiar with the idiosyncrasies of AF on your rig
  • Use 2x2 binning on a KAF-8300

I have implemented your suggestions for the next session.
But why is the image not filled with M 104? One of those images was supposed to be a 5 min. exposure but the edge-on galaxy is not revealed. The info at the bottom of the window counted down for a 300 sec exposure but the downloaded image does not show that.

All 3 of your images seem to have M104 in them. Make sure you have auto stretch turned on in SGP. Also these absolutely seem deeper than 20 seconds. So things seem to be working ok. You just might need to turn on the auto stretch function in SGP (found on the histogram). Or you can stretch individual imgs by right clicking on them.


When I click on File>Open Image and select a fit file, I get error message
"Object reference not set to an instance of an object"