NGC6960 and surrounding

Finally got something I’m proud of. 30 hours of Ha/OIII and RGB. All captured with SGP and processed in Pixinsight. One thing I learned on this one was that the STF8300 should have flats shot around 42,000 ADU. I dunno why, but someone posted this tidbit over at CN and it really helped flatten my image.

One question, how can I ‘add’ a sequence to a framing and mosaic wizard? Can I plot the main image so I can add to it? I didn’t realize I was in line with the eastern veil and should probably go get it.

Excellent work Chris! Thanks for sharing.

Ken, is there a way to ‘add’ to a mosaic that you know of? I missed the eastern veil by about one frame and would like to add it… but I don’t really want to mess up what I have either.

I cannot think of a good way to do this with exacting precision. Some “eyeballing” may be required.

What about duplicating and modifying some of the existing mosaic tile targets? You should be able to determine the RA & DEC step size between the existing tiles and then modify the center coordinates for the new targets with an increased or decreased step.