No apparent wait for guider settle when dither is disabled?

I attempted some quick 2x2 subs to acquire RGB stars for a NB image. I’m fighting the weather and decided to cycle around the events rather than complete an event at a time and dispensed with dither.

To my surprise, there was no attempt to wait for the guider to settle after each filter change and the first 10 seconds of each exposure also had the guider settling from about 1 pixel away. Is that intentional, or could it be PHD2’s low pass filter on the guider error not accounting for the recent error?

update: this seems to be related to my post meridian flip guiding issue - the guiding blips occur when I make a filter change - I just confirmed to myself that the filter wheel was giving the system an inertia kick. The camera had also worked loose on the T-thread, so, yes, I did have a screw loose.