No connection Canon Eos

I can get no connection with Canon EOS 850D ( 32bit))
This is the message:
Target 1: Event 1 contained ISO mode "1x1"that is not supported by the current camera.
The same for Event 2,3,4 and 5.
There is no problem in 32 bt

Thanks, I will take a look.

@Francois Can you tell me when you see this message? Are you selecting a camera from the camera list when it happens? Maybe something else?

I open SGP and in the Sequencer (Untitled) I select Canon EOS in the camera list. Then I get the message.
This happens on my desktop computer (Windows 10), also on my laptop (Windows 11).

Ok, thanks. I see what’s happening. Under certain conditions, this message is normal and will inform you that all your binning parameters have been replaced by ISO parameters. In your case, it should not appear when SGPro is opening and creating a new sequence with your Canon equipment profile. I have fixed this and will release it today or tomorrow. Thanks for the report.